Rehearsal Dinner Flowers

by Admin on December 4, 2010

Rehearsal dinner flowers are often overlooked, but a lovely arrangement or centerpiece can compliment the other decorations and really bring a party together.

Arrangements and Centerpieces

With a little effort, it’s not too difficult to make or buy centerpieces for the tables or other decorative arrangements to be placed around the space. You can personalize the centerpieces by putting together homemade vases, and there are glass vases that can be engraved and then used as favors for the guests.  There are some vases that have spaces for pictures; use pictures of the couple now, pictures of the bride and groom as children, and/or collect pictures of some of the older couples from their families that have been together for many years.

Hint: For table centerpieces, it’s a good idea to consider silk flowers or flowers that don’t give off a strong smell. Guests with allergies or sensitive noses may find that more strongly scented flowers interfere with their enjoyment of the meal. Also, make sure the centerpieces are low enough so people at the table can converse with those sitting across from them.

Colors or Themes

Using the wedding colors or the flowers that are being used in the bridal party’s bouquets is an easy way to choose the rehearsal dinner flowers. To save time, and perhaps even get a discount, try ordering arrangements from the same place where the bride ordered the flowers for the wedding. At the very least, they should know exactly which blooms the bride is favoring for her big day.

Another way of simplifying the flower issue is by giving the rehearsal dinner a theme. Then let the theme and Mother Nature do the choosing. If the dinner is a luau, use hibiscus, gardenias, or tuberose and consider making or buying headpieces or leis for all the guests. For a Mexican themed dinner, arrangements with marigolds and gladiolas are a must, and an Asian-inspired party would demand orchids.

For hosts with insider information, using flowers that have meaning a special meaning for the couple, if for example he brought her daisies on their first date, can be a charming and romantic touch.

Seasonal Flowers

Choosing rehearsal dinner flowers based on the time of year is another quick and easy way to narrow down the choices and help set the mood. Here is a brief guide to finding flowers to fit the season.

  • In the spring, look for tulips, daffodils, Yellow Bells, lilacs, hyacinths, and peonies.
  • Choices abound the summer months. Consider classic roses, daisies, Black-Eyed Susans, freesias, lilies, sunflowers, or colorful bunches of wildflowers.
  • The crisp autumn months are perfect for bold colors: asters, chrysanthemums, dahlias, zinnias—and don’t forget the beauty to be found in stalks of wheat or dried flower arrangements.
  • Brighten up those cold winters with camellias, Forget-me-nots, holly, jasmine, poinsettias, and Stars of Bethlehem.

In short, rehearsal dinner flowers are worth the effort. They brighten up the space, set the tone for the party, and help give the pre-wedding festivities that little something extra.

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